The sounds of sweet lovemaking translated into British deep-house-gone-disco. Sparkling production on top of driving sketched-beats really set this duo apart. Check this free download of the fiesty Disclosure remix, “Please Don’t Turn Me On”

Also, their single released this fall has recently reached the Top 20 on HypeMachine. Such an upswelling of underground support represents good things to come for Disclosure, who have a new album set to drop in 2013.

Finally, a delicious remix to close off the list. The same funky sketched drum beats that make other Disclosure tracks so danceable get paired with deep house vocals for a disco-y wonderland of sounds.

This duo is consistently reaching multi-hundred thousand listens on SoundCloud so the internet is busy showing them lots of love – get on that train and you could get some free downloads for your troubles.


Chronicling the rise of DISCOHOUSE

Something about house music has always appealed to that side of me that wishes the days of serious dancefloor moves were not past. Not just serious as in impressive, spectacular, but also seriously committed to something, something good.  I think often of the alien culture Daft Punk envisions in Interstella5555 – a society made peaceful through dancing and a shared love of music.



One More Time is one of the greatest electronic songs ever written. It got me into dancing and the burgeoning world of EDM way early on in high school. Today, I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that a song with such an impact on so many people’s lives would be about celebrating in harmony – Daft Punk were on to something. And they aren’t the only ones.

Here’s a list of some disco-inflected feel good tracks. They’re great for the dance-floor or in helping to create the next Utopia – you decide.




Gigamesh is a act to look out for. Soundcloud loves them – several of their tracks have already amassed over 100,000 plays. They take disco influences and mix in electro house sounds and supremely danceable beats, but it’s the melody that sticks with you:


Going back to the very roots of Disco and rocketing them into the modern world, Lobsterdust, with a phenomenal remix of the BeeGees:


And finally, just for fun:


Late Nite Tuff Guy – New Disco, Old Vibe


Its hard tell if Matt Kessler’s character Josh is being honest when we goes on a rousing tirade about Disco and longevity – but his words are ringing with truth today. Australian DJ/Producer Late Nite Tuff Guy (Carmelo Bianchetti) breathes new life into classic soul, rnb, pop, and disco favorites by turning them into groovin dance floor tunes.  He has recently rocketed to internet fame with this extremely clean rework of Toto’s “Africa” entitled “Bless the Rains” –



Like most of his music, “Bless the Rains” takes its sweet sweet time in getting to the point, but when it gets there it swells with the carefully cultivated dramatic patience of a true musician. For example, the first lyrics are an essentially catchy and uplifting piece of the song and they dont even kick in until around four and half minutes have gone by. But this is precisely the genius of what this producer is doing. In a world of EDM music characterized by five and a half minute singles which all fit the same tired formula (intro-build-hook-drop-silence-build-hook-drop-outro), Late Nite Tuff Guy’s musical career flirts with both the dangerous and the revolutionary.

Take a listen to this smooth rework of Michael McDonald’s “I Keep Forgetting” –



LNTG keeps his music amazingly true to the spirit of the original, a way of working which demonstrates a deep respect for the work of other artists. His style sneaks vocals and melodies into a groove with a dark edge to it. While I’m listening to his music I’ll often realize halfway through a song that what I’ve been listening to is actually fantastic. So in a way his work stands as a patient tribute to great forgotten music of the past, reintroducing a new generation of glitch-obsessed electrofanatics to music with soul power.

Here are a few more of my favorite tracks. You can follow him over on Soundcloud, and he’s also got a facebook page. Though it seems unlikely that he’ll be making it over into the US anytime soon, you can still enjoy his music through the magic of the interwebs.